About me

I’m front-end developer / WordPress developer and open source enthusiast always looking for challenges and interesting projects. I follow industry blogs and news, I like to participate in meetings and conferences. I have experience working in Agile, Scrum, Kanban methodologies in an international team with different projects and technologies related to front-end and WordPress, TYPO3, Symphony, Ruby on Rails, Magento development (not accidental order). I like to learn and apply best practices and improvements to my workflow. I pay extra attention to details, accessibility and usability. I also have a strong background in SEO, social media and UX.

Despite the great passion for programming, I also try to find some time for other activities. I pursue a healthy lifestyle with a semi-vegetarian diet (also called a flexitarian diet) and daily workouts. I like psychology, philosophy, nature and walks. I’m interested in video games, especially competitive and challenging ones like fighting games (I’m semi-pro Tekken player), movies (there’re too many to mention) and martial arts (for some years I trained Taekwondo and Wing Chun). These hobbies led me in 2005 to creating Honmaru.pl – fighting games community, where I’ve published hundreds of news, articles and tutorials over the years. I’ve organized many events and game competitions. It was a great, important and valuable experience to be editor-in-chief and work with an awesome passionate team on such a project from scratch to well known in its niche.

This was also where (and when – 2005) my programming journey has started.
Since then I’ve been doing a lot of non-commercial side-projects. Furthermore, back in the days I’ve been an active freelancer and I’ve managed to complete a lot of different projects under GraphCore.pl brand (please note that this page hasn’t been updated for a long time). In 2012 I’ve started to work as a full-time web developer in interactive agencies (from SEO Webmaster, through WordPress specialist to Front-end developer).
Currently, along with a great team, I’m working on Restaumatic.com – an app and set of tools for restaurateurs, so if you’re in a restaurant business make sure to check it out 😉

I’ve always wanted to actively run professional and personal blog, but I’ve never found time for it. I guess other activities were just too absorbing.

If you want to know me better, or send me a message, I encourage you to visit:

  • contact page for contact form
  • my YouTube channel where I share some of my martial arts & nunchaku videos (and of course fighting game videos, especially Tekken),
  • my Twitter profile where I share interesting stuff mainly regarding web development industry,
  • GitHub for some code examples
  • and last but not least Facebook profile.

See you somewhere in the source code, at some meetings or conferences! 😉

PS. Please keep in mind that this website is just a “placeholder”. More appropriate homepage will arrive when I won’t be so preoccupied with ongoing projects.